The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo PDF Download

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo PDF Download

Overview Review of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo PDF Download

The ones who have gone through this marvellous creation of Taylor Jenkins can feel a wound inside them. This book is amazing in every possible way and has touched millions of hearts in and around the world. Every aspect is a class in itself. This book will offer you a cocktail of emotions served in the most elite way. While reading sometimes you will laugh sometimes you cry and sometimes you will wonder about the cause. The fragrance of this book will take your soul to a blissful world.

Summary of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

After reading this book one can comprehend that when you are given a chance or opportunity to change your life, you should be ready to grab each and every opportunity that life throws at you and utilize that to its best. 

At the beginning of this book, we first hear of Evelyn Hugo through the viewpoint of the book’s protagonist, who was actually an unknown magazine reporter, Monique Grant. She evaluates Evelyn as a typical fifties Hollywood bombshell with pretty dark eyebrows, bleach blonde hair, high cheekbones, and ever swollen lips. Monique also describes that Evelyn has a tanned fair-skinned complexion. She is being described as an independent woman who knows her worth. 

When the media objectifies her she uses it to her advantage to climb the Hollywood ladder. She takes up an unfair situation and attempts to make it work in her favor. She does not even regret the stuff she had been doing. This book by Taylor Jenkins also talks about a few important topics.

 Is Intimacy always about having sex?

People think that being intimate is always to have sex. It is transparently described in this book that sex is something that is relatively easy to obtain. Sex is the only way by which a baby sees the light of the world and is very pure. People often mistake physical attraction with compatibility of themselves. Having sex or being physical is not all in relation. If the relationship is only based on sex it foundation. one should place more time and effort to understand each other. 

Being Bisexual Is not a crime 

Throughout the novel, Evelyn faces bisexual discrimination an innumerable number of times. We even see how bisexuals are treated in the society of this 21st century. Is this even relevant? Bisexuals deserve an equal amount of respect and recognition from everyone in this society. It is very easy to discriminate but they never show the people whom they tormented suffer. This is what is being portrayed in this book clearly by Taylor Jenkins.

Never let anyone make you feel ordinary

 One should always keep in mind that behind every ordinary being there is an extraordinary being hiding. Therefore in order to bring that extraordinary spirit out from you, priory starts praising your own self for the extraordinary powers you have within you. Hereafter Evelyn marries her fourth husband, she realizes that he must have used some same vulgar words that he used in front of her in order to have sex.

First a woman should get a job, start earning and then think of marrying. 

Being independent is very important. Through the story, this book will teach us many lessons. The main objective of life is to be happy. If a woman earns money or becomes financially then she doesn’t have to lend or ask permission for doing anything for life. you will have the command of your life in your hand. 

Heartbreak is just a loss, divorce is a piece of paper

Evelyn clearly stated that she has no regrets in divorcing her husband because she believed in the unflinching and also she had every potential to make her unflinching dreams come into reality. Thus in the conclusion, we can state that Evylin Hugo’s greatest love was Harry Cameron with whom she shared a platonic relationship but that remains unfinished. This book did leave me with a wound, but mostly left me with the lesson that I have a very long life ahead and I can do so many things. 


Yes Evelyn did have 7 husbands, she did inspire me to have 7 husbands, but more importantly, she did things in her life, such beautiful eventful things, she might regret most of the actions she caused, but she has a life.

 A long beautiful life, with many people she loved and lost. It does hurt me that she lost most of them, but I am a believer that when a person passes, they go to a place where they pay up for their sins, and then go to heaven and meet all their loved ones in a perfect world. And in the end, Evelyn would meet the love of her life, best friend, daughter, husband (she did love most of her husbands), and all the people she lost. I do regret the time she lost with her true love, but I also see that the author too hated separating them, but it had to be done, and it was executed to perfection.

 This book is not just a work of art but is a life of a headstrong woman who lived in a dangerous time to be bold. Anyone who would read this book, will be inspired, do amazing things in life and life to the fullest, or get multiple husbands which would also do the trick.

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