100 Ways to Motivate Yourself Book PDF Download

100 Ways to Motivate Yourself PDF Download

Today we are going to talk about one of the essential elements of our life. Motivation works in facing all the challenges of life successfully without losing our main goal. Many people say motivation doesn’t work for a long time but the real thing is not like that when you focus on a goal then motivation is the main factor that leads to success in achieving the goal of your life. So, today we will be discussing one of the most popular books called “100 ways to motivate yourself”. The book is written by steve chandler. The author says if you have more motivation then you can quickly achieve your main goal. It is said that people with high potential can easily get their dream no matter how big is the dream. Steve Chandler delivers the 100 best ideas to stay motivated all the time and completely change your life forever. The book is one of the best-selling books that can step you out from the problem of your life. Here we have highlighted 18 effective ways to change your life forever that are taken from the book “100 ways to motivate yourself”

Book 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself: Change Your Life Forever
AuthorSteve Chandler

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  1. Experience your death bed: You must have to realize that no one is permanent in the world. If you realize that then you can easily understand the importance of time rather than wasting it on silly things. You live to experience the value of life when you deeply feel it.
  2. About Arnold’s attitude: When Arnold stepped into the Hollywood industry then some of his pictures got failed. When he is asked what he is going to do next then he told that he will be one of the most successful actors in Hollywood. This can be only done with a clear vision like the truth.
  3. Dare to dream: It is said that you should write about your huge dream on pen and paper. It can be fake but try to write it. It can be true when you write it and try to achieve it.
  4. Focus on the prize, not on the problem: You should focus on the dream rather than focusing on the fear. The author says your focus must be optimized and focused on price.
  5. Sweat in peace: Work hard alone and let the world clap for you. Always work on peace which will ultimately focus your mind on your main goal. As you live the fear with the practices then it has more chances of winning the game.
  6. Clarity is power: A great footballer quoted “ it is hard to be aggressive when you are confused”. You can’t be aggressive until you get out of the confusion. Try to simplify your life by focussing on the main goal.
  7. See your brighter side: you see things according to your own life experience. It depends on the people’s minds. So, the beauty depends on your eyes. It depends on you whether you choose the positive or negative things for you. Create a small goal daily and work on it.
  8. Do what gives you a kick: If you don’t know to use your potential then it can be an unproductive thing for you. List all the things that makes you happy and work as a motivation for you. It tells about the spirit of human beings.
  9. Track record of a finisher: People think life can be changed through affirmations. Yes, it can work but not be effective without experiencing it. You should focus on your track record. However, in the starting, you can set a small goal.
  10. Love the unexpected: People think about creativity. But what is creativity? Creativity is not the thing that is real, it can be anything depending on the people’s concept. So, always focus on the creative things by doing the unexpected things. Don’t think about the result just focus on the activity.
  11. Master key: There are lots of books or videos that have the capability to change your life. It can be self-disciplined to live a successful life. A small book can change the whole concept of life. You must look for the master key of your life that has the potential to change your life.
  12. Library on wheels: Most people don’t have enough time for reading the information. They didn’t get free time from the office or home. You must utilize your working time with the potential information. You can acquire many skills if your time is well planned and optimized.
  13. Plan your work: A single hour of planning saves your 3 hours of work. Planning a thing can change people’s productivity to a great level. It motivates you to do more work.
  14. Practice optimism: If you want to be a good player then you should focus on the skills to reach optimism. Practice make things better and push positive energy into people’s mind.
  15. Percent grow daily: No any work in the world is difficult and can’t be done. All the things of the world can be done through an optimistic mind. You just have to break the big steps into the smaller ones to achieve the big results. Focus on the small steps and let the work start and make it regular to do the big task. Imagine the things and start working accordingly.
  16. Choose the happy few: As it is said your surrounding makes you a good or bad person. If you live among productive people then the chances of your productivity increase, the person can be anyone it can be your family or friends. Always choose the people who work as a motivation for you.
  17. Learn to play a role: Live your life role as a real one. The author says when you always act like a confident man then you can be more confident when you start acting like this. It needs lots of rehearsal to do the perfect things.
  18. A quiet mind is a happy mind: Sometimes when you get stuck in your life, try to spend some of your time alone. You can try a long walk or long drive to let the subconscious mind decide the things to do in life. If you do these things a good idea step out of your mind.

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