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12 Rules for Life An Antidote to Chaos Pdf Download

12 rules for life is a self-help book that helps the readers to seek advice to face their life challenges. The book is written by the famous Canadian professor Jordan Peterson. He is a clinical psychologist and psychology professor. The book has all the advice to improve your lifestyle and find happiness in every part of the world whether it is big or small things. It has 12 axioms for the readers to improve their life quality. It can make a person responsible and deliver them a good personality. We have written all the 12 rules of the book below.

Summaries of 12 Rules for life

We are facing several challenges in our life and we move here and there but most of the time we also don’t know about we are doing. You must be thinking why does it happen? Let me tell you,  it happens when we run out of goals. We start to do some things which are not relevant to our goal. One of the worst things we are facing in our lives is that we don’t have any rules to live our life. We can’t differentiate between the right and wrong steps. We are going to read 12 rules of life to live a successful life by Jordan Peterson. If we follow all the rules of the Jordan Peterson then we have to live a life according to our goal and face every challenge of life without hesitation. Let’s see a brief overview of the 12 rules of a successful life.

  1. Stand up straight with your shoulders back: This is a simple rule and in many studies, it is found that keeping your posture good increases confidence among you. Having a great posture directly boosts the confidence of the person. In the book, the author has taken an example of Lobster fights which directly indicates the posture of the Lobster which makes them capable to win. If you stand straight it will increase your self-respect and people will believe in you.
  2. Treat yourself like you treat someone you love: A person must be self-loved without relying on the other to be loved. When we love someone then we are ready to do anything for them. But in reality, no one is not working on them to impress themselves.
  3. Befriend the people who want the best for you: People around us make us feel about our personality. If we are having toxic companions in our life who don’t want our best then we never get successful in our life. For any successful reason, there is the hand of our good friends and society. We should eliminate the toxic friends and society for our beter living. A friend must aware of the difference between right and wrong.
  4. Don’t compare with someone else: We are trapped by comparing ourselves with the other. We are losing our happy life by comparing ourselves with someone else. Every person has their own life and we can’t compare with someone. If we compare ourselves with our yesterday then we are improving our life and potential. Never compare with anyone as it leads to loss of happiness.
  5. Don’t let your children do unlike things: The rules are especially for children then a person should do the parenting very effectively to make their child a better person. We must like our children rather than unliking them and it can be done by controlling our children and teaching them about discipline and good manners. If we ignore these things then society will start to talk about the children’s behavior.
  6. Set yourself before criticizing the world: Before criticizing the world we must look at ourselves what actually we are. We always start to criticize the people without looking at ourselves and our house and most of the time we spend on criticizing others. We blame the world but we never blame ourselves. We must ask ourselves what can be done to increase the difference in our life.
  7. Pursue what is meaningful, not what is easy: We always want to do the easy things rather than investing our time in doing the research and hard work. We always create a shortcut to do things. We expect better results without hard work. We should think long term without relying on short term or shortcut methods.
  8. Always say the truth: We are grown in a society where no one speaks the truth. But the author of the book says that if you can’t speak the truth then there will be no meaning in life. Strong bonds can only be made through trust and are a very important part of a happy life. It’s our responsibility to speak the truth to create a better bond with our lover.
  9. Treat every person special: Always assume the person we are listening to that they might know something important that we really don’t know. Never make fun of the sitting next to you. Treat them special in order to gain trust and faith. It is important to do so if we are willing to acquire huge knowledge. We block ourselves from learning new things if we are not interacting better with the person. Take the people’s ideas but work on their own ideas.
  10. Be precise in speech: If we can’t create successful arguments then we never can get the tag of a good speaker. We should speak clearly and professionally to engage the people of the society and audience. If we speak useless things then no one is going to hear or respect us.
  11. Don’t bother children when they are skateboarding: We should never block the children from the entertainment. Only stop if something dangerous is going to happen. Children are very curious and they are pushing themselves better day by day. If we find some inventory ideas on the others then we should encourage them.
  12. Pet a cat: Play with the cat or dog for some time. It reduces the stress in our minds. When we start to find the happiness around us it brings many positive changes in our life.

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