Boundaries Book PDF Download by Henry Cloud

Boundaries Book PDF Download

The book is written by Dr Henry Cloud and John Townsend Both the authors work as a psychologist and are known as self-help authors. They provide leadership coaching consultants. The main goal of the book is to make you capable enough to set your personal life boundary. You will also know how to respect someone’s life boundaries. The book will perfectly teach you all the lessons of life. So, if you have the habit of saying always yes or no be sure to read the whole summary of the book “Boundaries”.

BookBoundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life
AuthorHenry Cloud & John Townsend
Language English 
Page 352

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Summaries of the book Boundaries

If you ever feel stuck in any position from where you can’t say no it can be a party or get together. You always have to say yes in this type of situation even if you don’t want it. You feel very aggressive when you always say yes to someone’s problem. The book is going to break all your boundaries and how you can use these boundaries for your better help. You will realize the situation and act accordingly. You always want to take control of your life but real life doesn’t work in these ways. You always lost control of your life which leads to loss of happiness which can’t be cured with any medicines. You think you can make your work through hard work but in the end, you are not able to get the successful tag. You always act like a good person because no one wants an enemy in their personal life. Always remember the things you can’t make everyone happy in this world. If you live your life by relying on the people concept believe me you will never be happy in any situation. If you do so, your life will be full of stress. If you don’t know your personal requirements then you may face boundaries of your life. Just like the fence of building you also have to set your life boundaries with mental, social, and spiritual boundaries. If you will not focus on these boundaries of your life then life will completely immerse you in the stress. It can also lead to tiredness and many other psychological problems. When you wake in the morning you have to complete many lists of your work and if you hesitate in doing the work then bad things which lead to any type of mental disease in your life. Sherry wakes up in the morning by listening to the alarm clock, she hesitates to start her daily life work. She has to stitch the clothes for her daughter which is written at the top of his to-do list. She promised his daughter to complete the work of stitching in the night but she can’t do that because his mother came to meet her. Sherry got interaction with one of his office friends during the lunch break. Louis started to share her daily life problem with Sherry. Sherry also wants to share his problems but Louis didn’t give him any single time to share the problem. During the whole luck break of the Sherry, only Louis shares their personal life problems, and when the Sherry turns come the launch break gets exhausted. So, sherry makes satisfaction to the heart that, Louis is too much in trouble and she finds Sherry one of her best friends to share her life problems. Sherry finds himself failed not only in making the physical and social boundaries even though she didn’t set any spiritual boundaries for herself. One day all their family members of sherry are sitting for dinner then suddenly in her local area church, a phone call came from the head of the women’s group. She asked Sherry to involve in the program which is going to be held next week for managing the things in the palace of Maggie. Here, At this moment sherry doesn’t want to say yes to the leader of the women’s groups but putting a stone in her heart sherry accepted the proposal to participate in the program. Because the things are sometimes you can’t say no to work for some high ticket client because saying no to them is just like saying no to the god. Sherry don’t want to refuse the proposal so, she accepted the proposal. This indicated that sherry’s life is turning out of control. She can’t apple to respect her feelings. Day by day she finds himself depressed and unhappy. She is facing depression and unhappiness in their daily life because she can’t able to set their daily life boundaries. You must be thinking about the boundaries. Let’s see what boundaries look like.

Physical boundaries can be seen because you can easily counter the initial and endpoint of the Physical boundaries. Just like the Physical boundaries, you should take care of yourself and no one should not cross your emotional boundaries. Boundaries define you so, always try to create good boundaries. Boundaries indicate what is yours and what is not yours. If you are able in setting perfect boundaries in your life then you can do anything you want because no one is going to depress you when you follow your boundaries. Boundaries are just like a fence that safe you from depression. It has the doors to eliminate the bad things in your life. It is very necessary to eliminate the bad moments from your life because it may trouble you in succeeding in your life. You should remember there is something in life which can’t be done by anyone and no one is going to do it for you. There are two types of responsibility the first one is laid which can be managed by you and the other responsibility is a burden which can’t be managed by you and you have to take help from others. 

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