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Atlas of the Heart

Willing to explore and emotions of the people that define them as successful human beings. Landed on the right platform because here we will be covering the whole summary of the book “Atlas of the heart”. The book interacts with all the emotions and experiences of human beings that definitely help in maximizing the growth and connection between them. In a world of perfection people always look for the best things but somewhere they remain lack perfection in themselves. The book contains all 13 stunning key themes to reflect the area of emotions and experience. The book especially teaches people to understand the different emotions of human beings and act accordingly. It takes us through eighty-seven of the emotions and experience that defines a successful human being. Believe me, if you are feeling depressed on your life journey then the book “Atlas of the heart” will completely change your mindset and give you a clear concept of living a happy life because the whole book is mainly based on dealing with emotions. The book redefines the framework for creating an engaging connection with human beings. The main concept of the author while writing this book is dealing with the experience of the people and advising them on meaningful mapping connection and perfection of language. In the world, people face vulnerability in emotions and experience many risks and emotional exposure. To integrate all these things into human beings needs lots of courage and perfection so that one can easily control the outcome. Sharing emotions and experiences with people can earn the advantage of growing self-respect and personality rapidly.

Summaries of Atlas of the heart book

The book “Atlas of the heart” is written by Brene Brown. According to the new york times, the book written by Brene Brown is one of the most selling books in new york. She has great summaries of the way to understand the emotions of the people and directly reconnected with their life. The main advantage of the book is it is great in overcoming all the emotions and experiences and delivering a meaningful experience. Brown writes about this book that she wants this book to be an atlas for all people because the author believed that with the right maps and an adventurous heart people can never lose their hope and find somewhere lost.

In the book “Atlas of the heart” the author has explored many geographies of human emotions. She is trying to build perfections in the inner core of people’s hearts. The author has greatly encouraged the people towards braveness, wilderness, and dares to lead. If one starts to read the book one will find 4 great lessons about emotions that can completely impact people’s psychology. All 4 great lessons are discussed below.

  1. Understanding of emotions: Understanding emotions is a necessary part of human life. The book has described a total of 87 emotions through various research. The book gives a clear concept of experiencing and feelings of different emotions. All the 87 categories of emotions are categorised under specific chapters to easily navigate the importance of emotions. A good experience of emotions shaped the mindset of the people and provide them hope and confidence.
  2. Language shapes our experience: The other important objective of the book is to deal with the pepper language. Languages play a vital role in interacting with the persons next to you. Your interaction with people can say much more about you. So, the author focussed on shaping communication which is much important in expressing emotions. Communication is the first key to reflecting emotions and helps us in building a strong relationships with people. Good communication has the healing property in itself by expressing real emotions. Day by day people experience more about themselves but somewhere they are lost in dealing with the perfections.
  3. Things are uncertain or too much: Everyone in the world is willing to acquire perfections but nut due to their feelings emotions, and egos they can’t manage their outcome. It requires lots of confidence and courage to get perfection if things go in disciplined ways. The author says that vulnerability is not weakness it’s our greatest measure of courage.
  4. Places we go when we compare: We must believe in ourselves rather than compare ourselves with others. The comparison makes the things best and makes the things a better fit. If the person looks at the ranking of courage and confidence then in the near future a person can remove all the negativity from their mindset. 

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